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Post by: AL on October 09, 2008, 01:12:38 AM
Hi everyone,

It seems that this topic of Yisui Shengxue Granules has been brought up before but until now no one knows actually what is it? how to get it? Esspecially here in malaysia!

I would really appreciate if anyone who knows ways to get it as here in Malaysia there are so many Chinese Shops selling Chinese Herbs etc.

I dont want to bore you all on the facts and researched done by the Chinese Traditional Medicine experts. In fact, i have covered almost all article online on this Yisui Shengxue Granules!

The fact of the matter is, how to get it? Maybe anyone here who knows chinese words can further read the on the rest of the articles online that is written in Chinese that can be shared with the rest of the group in here!

There are so many chinese shops around here, but the thing is i dont know how to order perhaps i pronounce in wrongly or decribe it wrongly!

Please :pray Please :pray Please :pray :pray. Perhaps anyone in here could write in chinese of Yisui Shengsue Granules so that i could write it down  and show it to all the Chinese Shop that i'm gonna go to.

Thanking u all in advance! I personally believe that whatever info that you all can give would help a lot for all the members in here!

Please check out these addresses:

here are some of the most interesting fact that i found online that indirectly describe Yisui:
(There are so many of it online but this is the only that has it ingredients it seems)

The kidney and marrow store the essence that is present at birth and that is affected by prenatal factors (e.g., genetics). Tonifying the kidney essence is the basic principle of therapy to be applied. The herbal therapy has been called Bushen Shengxue Fang (bushen = tonify the kidney; shengxue = generate blood; fang = recipe) or, alternatively, Busui Shengxue Fang, or Yisui Shengxue Ling (yisui = to boost up the marrow; ling = effective remedy). The recipes used for this therapy can vary; they have not been identified fully in Chinese publications. One of the formulations that has been revealed is (1):

Astragalus  24 g 
Lycium fruit  15 g 
Antler gelatin  12 g 
Tortoise shell gelatin  12 g 
Donkey hide gelatin  12 g 
Tang-kuei  12 g 
Peony  12 g 
Rehmannia, cooked  12 g 
Ho-shou-wu  12 g 
Placenta  12 g 
Ginseng  10 g 
Baked Licorice  6 g 

The herb amounts in grams represent the quantity used to make a one day dose by decoction, which is cooked with 40 grams of magnetite powder (natural source of iron). This formulation is used in treating aplastic anemia and idiosyncratic thrombocytopenia, but may be applicable to other marrow disorders; presumably, it could be used for sickle cell anemia patients as well.

Since 1980, researchers at the Guang'anmen Hospital of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing) and at the Hematology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences have been investigating treatment of β-thalassemia. In the first formal report from this group (2), they described administration of a capsule containing rehmannia, tortoise shell gelatin, donkey hide gelatin, cornus, and other herbs to children (ages 5-14 years) with β-thalassemia. The dosage was 3-4 capsules at one time, 3 times daily, with 2 months as a course of therapy. The authors reported improvement in hemoglobin levels and, through studies of RNA, suggested that transcription of RNA was enhanced and the gene defect was somewhat compensated for. The therapy was said to be effective for those with β-thalassemia minor, but not for those with β-thalassemia major.

In a follow-up study (3), with 17 patients having β-thalassemia minor treated during 3 months starting October 1998, this grouped described the therapy as containing 12 ingredients, including cornus and millettia. They concluded that 16 cases were improved: the symptoms were ameliorated; hepatosplenomegaly decreased; hemoglobin was significantly elevated; and no side effects were observed.

This group of researchers gave further information on this subject at the 2000 International Congress on Traditional Medicine in Beijing (4). They concluded that the positive effect of the herbs on this disease confirmed the TCM theory that the kidney nourishes the marrow, and emphasized that the mechanism of action was at the level of the DNA, "unlocking the gamma-gene, stimulating mRNA expression of gamma-globin, and inducing synthesis of hemoglobin to compensate for the defect of the beta-gene."

Gou Zhenxue, Sichuan Journal of Chinese Medicine 1984; (4) [complete reference unavailable]
Wu Zhikui, et al., The effect of Bushen Shengxue Fang on β-thalassemia at the gene level, Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1998; 18(4): 300-303.
Huang Youwen, et al., Clinical investigation of the traditional Chinese medicine Bushen Shengxue to treat β-Thalassemia and immune function examination,
Wu Zhikui, et al., Clinical and molecular mechanism research on β-thalassemia treated with Yisui Shengxue Ling, Abstracts, International Congress on Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2000 State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing; abstract 235.

Post by: Jerry on February 24, 2009, 01:27:04 AM
if translated in chinese, it is called 益髓生血颗粒

Post by: Zaini on February 24, 2009, 03:25:42 AM
If these granules contain something which is natural source of iron ,how can they be good for thalassemics?


Post by: Manal on February 24, 2009, 05:42:50 AM
I hope too to know any details about these granules, there is no much details online


Post by: love and prayers on September 06, 2010, 11:19:29 AM
 i have a friend going to shift to china. she'll be visiting in nov should i ask her to find and get this? but how much and who would be willing to try it?
please tell me as soon as you can so i can ask her .


Post by: Naiem on September 16, 2010, 07:41:57 AM
As- salaamualaykum
Its strange that you mention this chinese herb. I came accross a website of a traditional chinese alternate medicine treatment centre in Malaysia and they claim to cure thalassemia major. This centre is located near istana Hotel close to Bukit bintang. At the time I disregarded as hocus/pocus but i was surprised with the information they had on thalasemia. Maybe you can investigate the matter further. here is the link to the web page (


Post by: Andy Battaglia on September 18, 2010, 11:01:23 AM
We have come across this in the past and have some previous posts at

I don't think this would be of any real help to thal majors, but might have some positive effect for minors, but the cost is most likely not worth it.

Post by: tobassam on November 11, 2018, 01:32:57 AM
We have come across this in the past and have some previous posts at

I don't think this would be of any real help to thal majors, but might have some positive effect for minors, but the cost is most likely not worth it.

Back to the original subject - which has nothing to with "" - Andy or anyone, any way you know to get this chinese medicine?