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Title: Lab results from Sweden!
Post by: Tajefia on May 04, 2019, 02:15:59 AM
Hey there! I found my old lab results from 2017, the only ones I have actually. This was before I hade more blood work done and before I started feeling worse symptoms. Is there anyone that can kindly translate these in regards to thalassemia?
They are written in Swedish, hope its not a problem!

In the results were also comments about microcytosis, which I have learned is normal for thals. Also, through genotyping it shows that I have a "rather unusual beta-thalassemia mutation" - 25 bpdeletion, also called c. 93-22_95del

Hb(B)--Hemoglobin F               <1.0 %

B-Hemoglobin A2                        5.0 %
P--Transglutaminas-ak(IgA)   <1 kE/L
P--Folat                                      27 nmol/L
P--Kobalamin                            379 pmol/L
S-Ferritin                                    68 µg/L       
P--Tyrotropin (TSH)                  1.70 mE/L
S-Kreatinin, enzymatiskt              92 µmol/L
Pt-eGFR(krea) relativ                83
S-Kalium                                    3.8 mmol/L
P--Albumin                                48 g/L
P--ALAT                                      0.17 µkat/L
P--GT                                         0.15 µkat/L
S-CRP                                        0.79 mg/L
S-IgA                                         2.2 g/L
P--Glukos                                   4.8 mmol/L
B-Hemoglobin                          113 g/L
B--Erytrocyter                            5.6 10E12/L
B-EVF                                        0.36
B--MCV                                      64 fL
(B)Erc-MCH                               20 pg
(B)Erc-MCHC                              313 g/L
B--Leukocyter                           6.2 10E9/L
B--Trombocyter                           230 10E9/L

I hade a less extensive blood test done a couple months before this where it showed that I had 122g/L of B-Hemoglobin.

 :hithere btw

Title: Re: Lab results from Sweden!
Post by: Andy Battaglia on May 13, 2019, 07:25:43 PM
The results look fairly typical for thal minor. The beta gene deletion you carry is a beta zero deletion, so an Hb of >12 is pretty good. It's notable that is has risen about one point in the past two years. The average Hb for a minor with that deletion is about 10.8, which is low for beta minor, but expected due to the beta zero gene being useless. The ferritin was normal in the 2017 test, so iron would not be needed. Nutrition is the main way to maintain a good Hb level and you're doing good with that. As is the case with thal minor, there is very little information available about the effects of the specific deletion, other than the average Hb.

Title: Re: Lab results from Sweden!
Post by: Tajefia on May 21, 2019, 01:56:23 AM
Thanks for taking your time answering Andy.

Btw, I might not have been clear about it but what I meant was that that I had done a blood test in 2017 that showed an HB of 12.2 just a couple months BEFORE and then I did a more extensive blood test a couple months later in 2017 getting the results in my first post showing a HB of 11.3.
Then I had more blood tests for other reasons done a few months later still in 2017 and felt awful, tired, weak etc for a good few months , halfway through 2018. Is there any chance that my HB sank even more, does HB sink doing blood tests?

I have been curious as to what level HB i have now, but the question is, do I dare take more blood tests? I have been refusing blood tests ever since! I have tried explaining that it is because of how I have felt in the past but my doctors think it is because I am scared of needles!