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Author Topic: OK, I am going to get a free appointment at a teaching school for Chinese medici  (Read 3313 times)
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« on: June 19, 2007, 10:23:38 PM »

Hello All.........

Well, I have an appointment and fortunately sent some very old medical tests to my mom who recently mailed them......long story, lots of financial challenges and being homeless.

I have been on disability and need some help. I think I might be thal minor.

Can you help me decifer some of these test results, they are 10 years old but all I have right now.

GGTP 42 (high)
Iron 57 (normal)
Total Iron Binding Cap. 398 (high)
% Saturation 14 (low)
Hemoglobin 12.3 (normal)
Hematocrit 37 (normal)
Ferritin 9 (normal)
Globulins Alpha 1 4% (high)
Alpha 2 l (high)
Alpha 2 % 13.9 (high)

I had tons of other abnormal tests at this time, I was really sick and do believe I almost died....I only lost my money! LOL!!!!! So, now, not feeling my best I need to get some answers and hopefully a bit of help.

Love to all the lovelies!
Linda Marie

Linda Marie
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