Update on Nigella (Black onion seed, cumin seed) and Hepatitis

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yeah , i used to take Nigella sativa ( kalonji ) by mixing it with honey with the ratio of 1/2 teaspoon of Nigella Sativa and 1 tablespoon of honey for my spleen ... and i found it very helpfull to reduce the size of my spleen ....

i used to take it another way as well , my Father brought me empty capsule shells ( i dont remember the size/mg of them ) , i filed the capsule shells with nigela and swallow i capsule daily before break fast ( fasting before eating anything ) ...


Prophets medicine it is stated that an average man can take upto 25mg of seeds per day
its true and the best way to take Nigela sativa .. ( i think 11 nigela sativa seed's weight will the 25mg as welll )

this is wat cheif zakir told he read in book "Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) medicines"
 11 pieces ( Danay/seeds) of nigella sativa with a tablespoon , on each seed one time darood shareef ....
( remember , its only knowledge sharing , i m not gona force anybuddy to do the same , i m just telling wat i came accross while searching how to eat nigella seeds .. you may chose wat ever way you like to choose for you .... i have mentioned above 2 ways to take Nigella sativa those i have been tried  and this is knowledge sharing and wat i m gonna try .... its nothing to which anybuddy can feel hurt or offended ... i hope that i will never hear any complaint like that ...)

http://www.islamawareness.net/Hospitals/kalonji.html writer forgot  to write [RA] with the name of Sahaba [R.A] soo please keep this in mind while you are reading ...

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) mentioned its therapeutic efficacy and potential of cure.

Hazrat Abu Hurairah States - “I have heard from Rasool Allah (Pbuh) that there is cure for every disease in black seeds except death and black seeds are shooneez.”

Salim Bin Abdullah narrates with reference to his father Hazrat Abdullah Bin Omar that Rasool Allah (Pbuh) said, “Let fall these black seeds upon you, these contain cure for all diseases except death.”

The same narration is found in Sanad-e-Ahmed from Hazrat Aisha (t) and in Ibn-al-Jozi and Trimizi from Abu Huraira. Hazrat Buraida narrates that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) stated - “Shooneez is cure for all ailments except death.”

It is stated in the books of seerat that Nabi-e-Akram (Pbuh) himself used to take these seeds for therapeutic purpose but with the syrup of Honey.

Khalid Bin Saad states that he was travelling with Ghalib Bin Jabr, when fell ill during the journey. Ibn Abi Ateeq (nephew of Hazrat Aisha [RA] ) Came to meet us. On seeing the patient, he took 5 or 7 seeds of Kalonji and ground it, mixed it in olive oil and dropped in both nostrils, Hazrat Aisha told us that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) stated that there was cure in black seeds for all ailments except sam. I asked him, what was sam? he told “Death”. Ghalib Bin Jabr became healthy with that treatment. Observations of the scholars of Hadith reveal that shooneez is equally effective for the diseases due to heat and cold. Zahbi states that kalonji removes the obstruction of any part of the body, expels the gases and strengthens the stomach. It is Emmenagogue, Lactogogue and Diuretic. It is an Anti-Helminthic, if taken with vinegar. It is useful in chronic cold. Inhalation of its smell is useful in common cold. The oil of Kalonji is effective in Alopecia. Half tea-spoonful, if boiled in water and taken, is helpful in Asthma and diffuses the toxic effects of Bee and Wasps. Continuous use of kalonji is effective in mad dog biting. Fumigation of kalonji is useful in respiratory diseases. It is useful in paralysis, Facial Palsy, Migraine, Amnesia and Palpitation. It is also an expectorant and antipyretic. It mormalises the secretions of stomach and pancreas. This phenomenon is very much effective and significant in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. It expels the kidney and urinary bladder stones, if taken with the syrup of honey. It is effective in jaundice also if taken with milk. It’s powder if taken with water is effective in Haemorrhoids. If Kalonji seeds are boiled in vinegar and this solution is applied on Gums and Teeth, it removes the inflammation of the gums and relieves the pain also. It is also reported that its fine powder is effective if applied in early stages of cataract. Kalonji is also used in skin disorders. The oil of the seeds is also effective in earache.

Chemical Composition - seeds contain 1.5% volatile oil, while 37.5% Non volatile oil. In addition to this Albumen, Sugar, Organic acids, Glucoside Melanthin Metarbin and bitter substances are also found. The Glucoside is toxic in nature, hence the use of Kalonji in large doses and prolonged use might be harmful.

If it is taken with Qust Sheering after breakfast and Dinner, it is effective in chronic dysentery and Asthma. Qust Sheering is a good medicine for sexual debility, but if it is taken with Kalonji seeds and Habburrashad, it becomes more fortified. Modern upto date trials have proved that Kalonji seeds alone or in combination with other drugs are highly effective in Diabetes Mellitus, vitiligo and other skin ailments.

(* Director, Shah Faisal Institute of Hadith & Medical Sciences, Kasganj-207123 ,UP)

Black cumin was a vital ingredient in many Egyptian dishes. Physicians of the pharaohs used the seeds as a digestive aid after opulent feasts and as a remedy for colds, headaches, toothaches, infections, inflammatory disorders and allergies. Black seed oil has been a beauty secret of women since ancient times. Queen Nefertiti, praised for her exquisite complexion, was an avid user of black seed oil.

Pliny the Elder crushed black seeds, mixed them with vinegar and honey, and applied the paste to snake bites and scorpion stings.

Black cumin and its oil have been used to purge parasites and worms, detoxify, ameliorate amoebic dysentery, shigellosis, abscesses, old tumors, ulcers of the mouth and rhinitis. Recent research confirms these uses for humans, dogs, cats and horses.

Modern Research

More than 200 university studies conducted since 1959 attest to the effectiveness of traditional uses of black seed. The essential oil of N. sativa seeds is antimicrobial and successful in the ratification of intestinal worms. In vitro studies in Jordan and the United States have shown its volatile oil to be anti-leukemic. Other studies suggest this same active ingredient may serve as an immune-system booster and is proven effective in treating asthma and whooping cough.

Black seed is a complex substance of more than 100 compounds, some of which have not yet been identified or studied. A combination of fatty acids, volatile oils and trace elements are believed to contribute to its effectiveness. As for all the benefits packed into this tiny seed waiting to be discovered, ongoing research will have to judge.

English = Nigella, love-in-a-mist, fennel flower, black cumin, black caraway, black coriander, black seed English, Old (also in King James Version of the Bible) = Fitch
Finnish = Neidonkuka
French = Cheveux de venus, Nigelle or Faux cumin
German = Schwarzhuemmel, later protvurz or brotchrut
Greek, Ancient = Melánthion or meláspermom
Hebrew = Ketzah
Hindi and Urdu = Kalonji
Indian = Nutmeg flower
Italian = Nigela
Persian = Schonaiz
Sri Lankan = Kaladuru


Zahbi stated that it removes the obstruction of any part of the body, expels the gases and strengthens the stomach.

-It is emmenagogue, lactogogue and a diuretic.

-It is an anti-helminthic, if taken with vinegar and useful with chronic colds.

-Its inhalation is beneficial in the treatment of common colds.

-Its oil is effective with alopecia (hair loss).

-Half a teaspoon, if boiled in water, is helpful for asthma and alleviates the toxic effects of bee and wasp stings.

-Continuous use of the seeds is effective for mad dog bites.

-Paralysis, facial palsy, migraine, amnesia and palpitations are also ailments which benefit from it.

-It can also be used as an expectorant and antipyretic.

-It normalizes the secretions of the stomach and pancreas. This is very effective in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.

-It expels stones in the kidney and bladder if taken with honey.

-It is effective in jaundice when taken with milk.

-Its powder, when taken with water, is good for hemorrhoids.

-If black seeds are boiled in vinegar and then applied to the teeth and gums, it reduces inflammation and pain of the gums.

-It is also reported that its fine powder is effective if applied in the early stages of cataracts.

-Black seed is also used for skin disorders.

-The oil is also effective in earache.

i came across alot more information  , i m gona send just after it , this session is over here....

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Thank you very much for the information, I really appreciate it.  I will give him 1/4 tsp nigella with 1tbsp of honey on an empty stomach. 


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 :urwelcome Sharmin Sis ,, wish you BEst of luck , wish that Nigella Sativa will work for him as well ... :goodluck


The earliest written reference to black seed is found in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament. Isaiah contrasts the reaping of black cumin with wheat: For the black cumin is not threshed with a threshing sledge, nor is a cart wheel rolled over the cumin, but the black cumin is beaten out with a stick, and the cumin with a rod. (Isaiah 28:25,27 NKJV). Easton's Bible Dictionary clarifies that the Hebrew word for black cumin, "ketsah," refers to "without doubt the Nigella sativa, a small annual of the order Ranunculaceae which grows wild in the Mediterranean countries, and is cultivated in Egypt and Syria for its seed."

some other heading of this article ,...

History of the Black Seed

Primary Properties of the Black Seed

How Does Black Seed Benefit?

How is Black Seed Used?

Is Black Seed Ayurveda Medicine?

Why is Black Seed Considered a Universal Remedy?

Are There Any Side Effects?

What Are Some Nutritional Components?

Has There Been Any Scientific Reserach Done?

Black Seed is Rich in Nutritional Values

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I don't know if this was in one of the answers, but the question was do you grind the seeds before using? Please answer without a long quote.

There is not much information about nigella! I have seen it once here, but I dont know where. I think it was from Patak (UK). They got stuff (probably so long as you do not know the real stuff)

Andy, do you mean we should sow themself? that would be great. In Spring I will reopen my vegetable garden  :smileblue


writer forgot  to write [RA] with the name of Sahaba [R.A] soo please keep this in mind while you are reading ...

What do you mean with that?


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