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Title: IBS Diet/Stress issues, etc.
Post by: Prets on April 02, 2010, 10:12:18 AM
I Posted this on the other thread, but I had more questions, so i'm making a new post.

Any thal minors here who have gluten intolerance and also IBS, how did you tackle it? Strict diet is extremely tough to manage,

Now i cant even have any oil/fats/spices/ etc.  No fermented foods, no wheat/bread/cake/pasta/biscuits/etc.

Milk I can manage in small quantities in tea.

I read somewhere I think on these forums that mild doses of anti depressants are used to keep the bowels calm. Has anyone here tried it and helped?  I am more concerned with side effects as I react to mostly all medication. Tiny doses are acceptable though.

The worst part is that when my tummy hurts a lot and acts up with diarrhea or constipation, it naturally stresses me out.  Going around in circles seems to keep me trapped.     :biggrin 

A lot of stress can difinitely trigger this IBS episodes, but  Lot of times this tummy problem is triggered only by food - So even if i dont have stress to begin with, i end up with it. 

(Did i mention - no pizza??? )


I can definitely diet more than others do - I dont miss pizza anymore, or anything else. But i run out of options and once in a month or so, I end up making a mistake..      :rolleyes

My older post...


If i'm physically active a few days in a row, I seem to 'empty' completely. Then I need complete rest for a few days before I get better again. Otherwise my body health acts up in many ways. (Regardless of what my mood is).

Most people tend to get tired at the end of the days work, Eat and sleep well, and they're fully recharged the next morning.

This has happened yet again, and I am in bed for the most part. The IBS is acting up again and I ended up with terrible pain and I couldn't eat for days. Even my body temperature goes upto 100 sometimes if i don't rest. But as soon as i lie down and keep myself comfortable, the temperature will come back down to 98.3 which is my normal level.

Initially we fear infections, but I also cannot take antibiotics past the first 1-2 days. I react to them badly and we have decided to stick to IV doses if ever needed henceforth.

I am wondering if any symptomatic thal minor here - has a medical solution to this?  A simple case of exhaustion turns into many more problems and I end up feeling miserable only because I have to be tired ALL THE TIME and bed rest.

The only way i know to escape this issue is to turn lazy and do nothing in life.   :-)   Which I personally hate and avoid, and its not practical either.

Any thoughts on this? I take all my supplements and eat healthy gluten free. I manage light exercise too.

One last thing - being in discomfort often, means I often have a sad/stressed look on my face when Ive nothing better to do.  That automatically makes people assume i'm sick due to stress or depression.  This prevents proper diagnosis or treatment.  At the same time, even when im in pain, if i have something to do - people around me etc, I look like i'm immensely happy and at peace.  But its tough to explain these things to others.  Its understood that I wont go visiting my doctors when I'm NOT sick and in pain!  If i do that they may label me something else...    :grin      Everything is a psychiatric problem these days, being too happy, being too sad, making a frown when one is in pain, everything has a label to it.    lol ...  Posting on these forums is probably labelled as hypochondria,  or some other word perhaps?       
Title: Re: IBS Diet/Stress issues, etc.
Post by: Dori on April 03, 2010, 12:24:20 PM
Do you follow a celiac diet? I hop I spelled it right. I have many years the same problems, didn't change my diet and suddenly I left me (Let's hope forever). So I am afraid I cannot give you any answers.
Title: Re: IBS Diet/Stress issues, etc.
Post by: Prets on April 04, 2010, 11:42:07 AM
Yes I follow a celiac diet, and no fats/oils.  Maybe my problems will leave me too, and keep me healthy.

Title: Re: IBS Diet/Stress issues, etc.
Post by: Zaini on April 06, 2010, 04:03:53 AM

I am sorry i don't know much about celiac disease,regarding thal minor,we know being tired more often is something that happens with almost every thal minor,in my case Vitamin D deficiency was also involved and taking vitamin D helped a lot,and on the days i do exercise i am more energetic then the days when i don't,i remember from your other posts that exercise didn't help you much either,Have you tried Yoga,i have never done that myself but i have heard people saying that it helps.

I wish i was more helpful   :hugfriend

Title: Re: IBS Diet/Stress issues, etc.
Post by: Prets on April 06, 2010, 03:15:47 PM
I take Vit D. Being able to exercise is a random thing for me. I just do it when I can - usually doesnt help the way I expect it to.

Deep Breathing helps a bit - few breaths at a time.

Yoga - NO WAY - I get tired just looking at the stuff!  lol..    But yes - I stand on one leg at times to maintain my balance.  lol..