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Title: IOL Patients' Advisory Board on 6-7 May in Dubai
Post by: Manal on April 30, 2017, 12:42:32 AM
Hello everyone,

I will be attending this two days meeting organized by Novartis to discuss mainly:

1- Why patients don't comply with Exjade (children/teens/adults), whether the noncompliance is due to medical, psychological or financial reasons

2- We will also discuss the advantages of using Jadenu as it will be soon launched in the Middle East and other countries. There will be some patients who will discuss their one year experience with the new chelator

Please feel free to post any concern/question you want me to discuss on your behalf in this meeting concerning the above mentioned topics.

Title: Re: IOL Patients' Advisory Board on 6-7 May in Dubai
Post by: asim_aziz on April 30, 2017, 02:27:07 PM
Hello manal
can patients attend the meeting too

please ask when would jadenu be launched in Asian countries
And would there be a generic version like asunra for people in the 3rd world countries as affording jadenu would be difficult

Title: Re: IOL Patients' Advisory Board on 6-7 May in Dubai
Post by: Manal on May 01, 2017, 12:36:38 AM
Hello asim aziz

I am attending the meeting as a representative of my thal association. Arranging this meeting is done through the patients relations department with Novartis.

I will definitely ask this question to Novartis.

As for the generics,  I believe there will be always ones produced, but definitely after the original is launched.

I will be updating you

Title: Re: IOL Patients' Advisory Board on 6-7 May in Dubai
Post by: Manal on May 24, 2017, 12:47:57 AM
•   Jadenu is simply Deferasirox, so it’s the same molecule used in Exjade, but with less side effects.
•   It comes in three concentrations: 90 mg, 180mg and 360mg as film coated tablets and the colour of the tablets are respectively ovaloid light blue, medium blue and dark blue tablets.
•   Jadenu has less fillers than Exjade leading to better absorption.  The dose is lower than Exjade to achieve the same result and this eventually will reduce the side effects
•   The dosage is given as follows:
28mg/kg (maximum dosage)
•   One of the main advantages of Jadenu is that it can be given with a light meal. But certain type of food that does not contain fats.  FATS inhibit the absorption Jadenu.
Example of food suitable with Jadenu:
Pita bread, apples, chicken, turkey, carrot, jam, celery sticks, hummus, orange juice, black beans, white rice, red salsa, skimmed milk (no Fats) and egg white only (yolk has fats)….etc.
•   Exjade will be withdrawn in one year after the launching of Jadenu in each country
•   Some countries and not all will have the Jadenu in the form of granules.
•   For young children, Jadenu can be crushed by three approved methods:
1-   By using tablet crusher
2-   Placing the tablet between two plastic papers and crushing it with a hard rod
3-   Placing the tablet between two metal spoons and squeezing
 (Although Jadenu is the same molecule of Exjade, but metals have no effect on its efficiency and there is no problem using metal spoons when crushing the tablets)
•   Life time of Jadenu is from 8 -16 hours
•   Jadenu will be launched in Egypt  in 2018 under the name Jadenu
•   Jadenu will be launched in India  June 2017 under the name Oliptess
•   Jadenu will be launched in South Korea  in 2018/19 under the name Exjade-FCT
•   The price of Jadenu is the same as Exjade
•   Same guidelines of iron monitoring is followed with Jadenu
•   Quality of life and adherence to chelation are expected to be positively affected with the onset of Jadenu due to easy administration.
Title: Re: IOL Patients' Advisory Board on 6-7 May in Dubai
Post by: Andy Battaglia on May 26, 2017, 08:28:41 PM
Manal, thank you for the in depth responses to the question people posed about Exjade/Jadenu.