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Title: Calcification of coronary arteries
Post by: _giovanna on October 02, 2021, 11:52:19 AM
Has anyone on this forum whether they have major, minor, or intermedia experienced, or know of thalassemia people with coronary artery calcification?  I have other conditions linked to thalassemia, but this is new on a CT scan and I just wonder if there’s a link.

I follow a heart healthy diet, and am a non smoker, I’m just wondering if this is more prevalent among people with any form of thalassemia.  Thanks, for your replies.

Title: Re: Calcification of coronary arteries
Post by: Andy Battaglia on October 16, 2021, 07:23:16 PM
Thals tend to have calcification similar to that of non-thals. It has been repeatedly observed that the risk of coronary artery disease is lessened in thals.

There is something I would suggest trying. It is called Amla, and derived from Indian gooseberries. I take it as an extract and it lowered both my cholesterol and LDL significantly. It is as safe as any supplement you can take, and may help prevent more calcification.