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Title: Blood filter
Post by: Nur on March 29, 2007, 05:53:27 AM

does anyone know how many ml can a single filter could take? I am asking because sometimes i received 2 bags of blood in the amount of 100ml each. it would be a waste if i use the blood filter made for 2  units (because it's a bit expensive). But if i use 1 set of filter for each 100ml bag of blood, it will still be a waste because i have to use 2 sets of filter. So, i am wandering how much ml does it take for each filter both for 1 and 2 unit of blood set. I am using athe filter made by Pall Medical.

Hope you guys can understand my question because i felt it's a bit confusing  :hmm
Title: Re: Blood filter
Post by: Zaini on March 29, 2007, 11:15:56 AM
H i Nur,,,

ur question really is confusing,,,let me tell u one thing,,,my daughter gets 400 ml of blood at the same time,, a bag of 300 ml and 100 ml from another bag,, they never change the filter,, so i assume ur blood quantity is smaller i.e 200 ml total,, so i don think there is any need of changing filter,, i don know abt the filter brands ,, but they do it like here in pakistan,,but it's only my opinion,, i think u shud ask ur doc abt this,,

Take Care ..