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Just wanted to touch base and thank everyone for the warm welcome.

To answer a few questions as well:
-Sharmin: What you are describing is more or less where we are currently. (My wife and I are extremely happy your daughter turned out perfectly healthy btw)
Incidentally, and as you seem to be on the same boat with us , the whole situation regarding Sophia's immune system reaction is one which we have to take into consideration when looking into long term prognosis.
My wife and I are currently leaning towards believing that events like this might be indicators of future difficulties (Any studies on this would be helpful -I haven't been ble to find anything).
Perhaps this question could be a forum topic?
At any rate,  it's been weighing on us quite a bit. I don't want to sound alarmist. While not defining our choices it has provided us with some further impetusi n exploring the BMT option.
I wish all the best to your whole family.:-)

Yes, we currently are at the Agia Sophia Hospital. Thank Goodness for that. Which doctor are you refferingto?
While Greece can be contradicting place often enough, I have to say that one area where we can't complain so far is on the quality of care on thals.
Agia Sophia has a dedicated wing that functions as a day clinic for thalassemia.  It has -I believe- about 300 patients it transfuses regularly , which means that they also are quite experienced.
Health care on this matter is free. And this would include BMT should we choose to have it here. (IVF treatment is the only thing we would need to pay for if we choose to go that route)

-Hope, Due to a cold Sophia has (and on an unrelated note it's snowing in Athens tonight, first time time this year, probably the only snow we will get), we pushed the start of chelation therapy away another 3 weeks. This has happened for a month and a half now (delaying the start for various reasons) and even though I shouldn't have... each time I've felt this guilty relief.
You have our best wishes.


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Re: Greetings Earthlings
« Reply #16 on: February 20, 2008, 11:00:28 AM »
Hello InGreece,

The doctor I was referring to is Dr Vasilios Berdoukas... I am not sure if he is at Agia Sofia or not...


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