Paid Research Study for Patients with Thalassemia Living in Chicago

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MedQuery, a medical market research company, would like to invite
patients with thalassemia to consult in an upcoming medical research
study regarding blood transfusions. Your opinions are valuable to us
and as such, we are offering a $125 honorarium for a 60 minute
interview about EXJADE and the Ask About Iron Website.

If interested or have any questions about this study, please call us at
(877) 666-8863 and refer to job code: 8-715

Topic: Blood Transfusions
Forum: In person interviews
Honorarium: $125
To participate call toll-free: (877) 666-8863
Job Code: 8-715

To learn more about MedQuery or to join our panel for future studies,
please visit our website

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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