Progress in Osteoporosis - free access to journal

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Progress in Osteoporosis - free access to journal
« on: May 21, 2009, 12:57:57 PM »
Right area?

I found this at medical news today and I thought that this may be interested for us.

Progress in Osteoporosis is a quarterly review journal that provides a summary of the most important literature published in the field of osteoporosis in the preceding 3-4 months.

I made an account today and that's really easy to do. They do not ask of you are a doctor, so you got access as patient as well. . You must make a nickname as well and I use an other than here.

If you are logged in you have full access to the magazin. You can read this:

Progress In Osteoporosis
Volume 10, Issue 2, 2009
    * PDF Version
    * Overview

Literature Review
    * Epidemiology
    * Morbidity/Mortality
    * Genetics
    * Measurement of Bone Mass
    * Bone Material
    * Bone Structure
    * Biomechanics
    * Growth
    * Bone Formation
    * Bone Resorption
    * Risk Factors
    * Corticosteroid Therapy
    * Treatment
    * Exercise
    * Men
    * Reviews

Invest In Your Bones Campaign
    * Campaign Description

The only disavantage that I see (for me) is lack of time.



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