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Hi there, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 30 years old, my beta-thal went undiagnosed for 24 years. I was always classified as severely anemic and that was it. When I was 22 and pregnant with my first my father (57 at the time) was diagnosed. I told my dr but he didn't even know what thal was.

I was told when I was first diagnosed that I had trait and that I should never have any complications; I was the healthiest person in the department.

I struggled through my first two pregancies with severe exhaustion (throw her some more iron pills), dizziness, an awful metal aftertaste to everything, and a major craving for potatoes. My drs watched my blood counts drop and drop but never mentioned that there was consequences from that or that I should be on the lookout for other symptoms.

Currently, I am 33 weeks pregnant and have received 5 transfusions after being hospitalized around my 20th or so week with rapid pulse everytime I stood up, dizziness, mild chest pain, difficulty breathing (hard to even brush teeth standing up), among other symptoms. I had no idea that my blood problem could cause so many varied problems but they all seem to be 'normal' thal symptoms.  I guess I never really looked anything up about thal b/c my hemotologist said I would never have any problems related to it. My first 2 transfusions lasted about 3 weeks each. More recently i ahve been getting them every 2 weeks.

both of my children have been tested and do not have thal but I still wonder due to me not being diagnosed until so late. We'll see with the newest one to come! I also am wondering more about my thal trait diagnosis b/c I've been reading that thal traits won't ever need transfusions. Is there a good site to go to to find out what various levels qualify one thal vs another? Thanks for listening!


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Re: Introduction
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Hi Terperry,

If you have the results of blood tests when you were not pregnant, I can take a look at them. Specifically, the results of a CBC (Your non-pregnancy hemoglobin level, along with MCV and MCH would be helpful) and also if you have ever had a hemoglobin electrophoresis test. Some traits are not readily apparent, so it would be good to have you kids have the hemoglobin electrophoresis test to make sure they are not carriers, also.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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Re: Introduction
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Hi Terperry,


Hb electrophoresis is the way to diagnose if you carry just thal trait,or whether you might be thal intermedia,intermedia are the people who can maintain their hb to a certain level and don't need regular transfusions other then pregnancies or if they fall really sick.So if you have the reports Andy suggested it would be easy to understand your thal status.

Good luck with your pregnancy  :goodluck


Re: Introduction
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Thanks for your replies; I really appreciate it. I'll have to wait until the end of this pregnancy to get some new results. I really wasn't followed the last few years at all and I don't have the records from the 1 year I did see a hemotologist regularly. Like I said, he told me I was basically too healthy to be there and I was not seen anymore. I remember my hb being between 10.2-11 but I don't remember my mcv. Pregnancy dropped me to between 7 and 8 but never effected me the way it is this time.

Again, thanks for your welcomes and replies!


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