Is there a way to tell if a syringe is gonna leak at high pressure/effort?

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Last night my syringe leaked at the piston on the end of the plunger! :tantrum :mad

This is the second time that has happened to me! Apparently everything looks OK when I am preparing the mix and the syringe has no hindered motion as there is plenty of air that goes in and out the needle, so there is no difference in pressure within it and out side.

But after I have inserted the butterfly in my skin, I bet the whole thing gets air tight and thus requires a bit of more pressure/effort to push the plunger and as a result, the faulty syringe starts to leak out at the piston! And since the process is slow, I find it out when the whole thing is completed and I remove the pump from the holster only to find out that the everything is covered with a layer of white stains.

My question is: How can you tell that the syringe will fail at higher pressure compared to normal pressure? I use high pressure to add water in the vial to dissolve it but everything seems OK and no leaks at that time!
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