19-Month-Old Febrile Seizures Related to Thalassemia?

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19-Month-Old Febrile Seizures Related to Thalassemia?
« on: June 30, 2012, 04:40:04 AM »
Hi all! My 19-month-old daughter is in the process of having tests done for an official thalassemia trait diagnosis. Her hemoglobin has been around a 9 the two times we had it checked, her CBC showed small red blood cells, and her great grandmother was from Italy. The pedi said we would do one more test to determine thalassemia. In the meantime, she has had two febrile seizures within two weeks with no other symptoms that would point to a virus or infection. Symptoms such as high fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and a couple of nosebleeds come on rather quickly, and she seems to bounce right back after an episode within the same day. I know studies have been done to link febrile seizures to iron deficiency, and I also know that iron deficiency and thalassemia can be confused. I'm wondering if it does turn out she is a candidate for thalassemia (the pedi is pretty sure she is), then are her spikes in temperature, and therefore seizures, linked to this condition??? Hmmmm... Any insight you all have is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Re: 19-Month-Old Febrile Seizures Related to Thalassemia?
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2012, 07:42:35 PM »

I have never heard of a link between febrile seizures and thalassemia (this doesn't mean one doesn't exist, but I have never seen that connection). It is possible that your daughter has both Thalassemia trait and iron def (as is the case with our son). It would surprise me to find out that an iron def reflecting a Hgb level of 9 would be enough to promote the seizures (our son's Hgb was at the lower end of 8 and his iron level was VERY low). Has anyone recommended an MRI for her to determine any underlying neurological disorders? Have any other blood tests been done to out rule more serious conditions than Thal trait?

I hope you have answers soon! Best wishes to you and your daughter :)


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