exercise and paleness

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exercise and paleness
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:49:26 PM »
im new to the site, tho ive been diagnosed with beta thal minor since birth. im 39, male, live in the UK, and a keen runner.

over the past few years ive noticed that exercise (typically running 5 - 10k / or a circuits class) makes me look v pale and grey and gives me pronounced dark circles under my eyes, and i feel sort of tired / hungover i guess. this is noticeable about an hour after exercise and is still obvious the next morning (the effect lasts about 24 hours).

ive ran a few half marathons, and am thinking of training for a full marathon so i went to the GP, and had the usual blood tests, and my iron and haemaglobin were both a bit low as you would expect, but not that much.

the gp and haematology consultant had no real answers for me, or any idea who would.
im wondering:

1. is this a symptom of my thal minor? what is it exactly a sign of?     
2. is there anything i can do about it / minimize it?
3. is it a sign that exercise is actually harmful for me? 
4 is there an expert who i can see about it? 

thanks for any help anyone can offer


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