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Hi there. Just want to introduce myself. I am here looking for info to help my husband and son.... My husband is apparently Beta Thal Intermedia and my son is either the same, or trait. We are working on understanding this more.

My husband is now expressing his Thal (which he did not know he had) by high iron levels, without transfusions. My son's blood work looks more anemic.

I feel like I'm about to get a crash course in reading CBC's and genetic results.


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Re: Hello!
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Do you have copies of the blood work done for your husband and son? And have you been tested for thalassemia?

All we are saying is give thals a chance.

Re: Hello!
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We have some of my husband's recent blood work. His general CBC came back with high rbc, rdw and low hemoglobin, hematocrit, mcv, mch. He told her Thal runs in the family so she ran the blood panel and it came up positive for the trait and high (she said 2x normal range) iron. We are waiting to get copies to see which iron level was high.

Our son has had the Thal screen run and it came up Thal trait and perhaps anemia. I fought for this test since we knew it ran in the family, and as an infant his ignorant pediatrician said he needed iron without testing for Thal after I told her it runs in the family. His most recent labs, just over a year ago, came up again Thal trait and possible anemia. The doctor was clueless but said no iron supplement. We have a new doctor, we are due for a visit. He has been through Celiac testing and was negative. I've often wondered if his Thal / CBC has anything to do with what seems to be Celiac symptoms.

Neither have had genetic screens.

My husband has had full liver workups before, and though he doesn't have the results he was always told "you're fabulous".

I have Celiac disease and Hashimoto's and am anemic across the board (the joy is endless here). I do not have any irregularities in my cbc panel despite low iron. My iron is climbing, and cbc improves - there's no reason to suspect Thal. I may carry it recessively??? I have not had a genetic screen.
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