increase of Transfusional needs

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Re: increase of Transfusional needs
« Reply #30 on: January 14, 2016, 04:11:44 PM »
thks dear. his weight is 26 kg.
Hafiz Akhtar,
if i m not worng then, your son can be transfused upto 396ml of blood every month according to 15ml/kg calculation... so its pretty much normal...

dear i have obtained wheat grass. what would be its method to administer . currently i am giving him Oderox 500 (Cipla Company) single tab daily along with Evion 200, Calcium P syp. indrop D one inj monthly.
i used to take it by mixing 1 spoon wheatgrass powder (spoon that comes with wheatgrass) in a few tablespoon of yougort...

GNC Super Foods Wheat Grass (Pittars burg). surprisingly it also contains iron. its very costly. i obtained one pack for Rs.4500- (45 dollars). should i continue 4 my son
as i told you on another post about 20% discount membership card ... get that card and it will cost you in Rs.3400.....

Regarding Iron .... GNC's one wheatgrass contains 6% DV (daily intake Value) of iron  that means less than 1mg....

few years back it use to cost 10 Indian rupee for 100ml considering inflation it could have gone up to 20 to 25 rupee
wheatgrass product we talked about above contains 60doses... 25x60=1500.... after PK.Rs to I.Rs conversion it cost 2337PK.Rs..

hi Andy, somebody told me that he is  giving his son a homeopathic medicine. his ferritin was 2400 b4 the medicine but after use of homeo medicine  it reduced to 700. its amazing.
Any Update ???
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Re: increase of Transfusional needs
« Reply #31 on: January 15, 2016, 02:08:37 AM »
Can you share which homeopathic medicines you are using?


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