Vertigo, heart pain, palpitations, night cough and gasping for breath. Help!

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Hello everyone,

I am a few hours old on this site so please bear with me as I strive to get used to how this site works.

Also kindly help provide answers to my questions below.
1.) I'm an adult female with a current Hb reading of 8.5 does that make me minor or intermediate? (can't remember what the doctor said about 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed as having it)

2.) I am currently experiencing vertigo, heart pain (both sharp pains and dull pains), night coughs, palpitations and I wake up sometimes gasping for breathe.

So I did a blood ferritin test to check for iron overload which I heard can affect the heart and this came back at 34ug/L which showed I was within the required levels . So my 2nd question is this. Is this test alone sufficient to determine if I have iron overload? If no then what other tests do I need to do? If yes why am I still having chest pains?

3.) I have fibroids, polyps and my period is usually very very heavy lasting between 7-9 days. Gyny says it's partly to blame for my low Hb. So my 3rd question is this. Do heavy periods affect Hb count? Or does it affect the free iron in the blood (serum iron) count? Or does it affect both?

4.) If heavy periods affects Hb count then what can I do to quickly boost my Hb count before my next period which is already 2 week and 2 days late so that my current Hb of 8.5 doesn't fall below that?

5.) How do the women with alpha thal and heavy periods manage both? My gyny wants me to have an operation to remove the fibroids which she says is causing my heavy periods. But I don't want to have an operation because of its possible risks. Plus I heard the fibroids can and often times grow back anyhow. So what is the best thing to do in this situation?

6.) I used to feel very cold now I feel very hot any ideas?

Help somebody!  :sigh


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