Hate Me If You Must, But Don't Let Your Kids Have The Gardasil Vaccine

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I know it's heresy to question the billion dollar vaccine industry, but not all vaccines are equal and not all serve any demonstrated need. Some end up leading to unintended consequences, as is the case with the chicken pox vaccine leading to outbreaks of shingles in people of all ages, when it used to be a disease that struck mostly people over 60. Lack of regular exposure to people with chicken pox has reduced the natural immunities people had that protected them from getting shingles at an early age.

But, my point is to address the vaccine for HPV, called Gardasil. If you're brave, Google it. The horror stories you will read will sicken you. Women maimed and even killed by this billion dollar poison. Why bring it up now? I just heard from one of our members whose very healthy wife's life changed completely after getting that vaccine at age 21. This vaccine is not worth the risk and if the government of the US didn't shield vaccine manufacturers from lawsuit, this vaccine would be bringing the manufacturer to its knees. But the manufacturers know there will be no repercussions, so they are free to put any piece of garbage out without any threat of financial reprisal. This is also why vaccines like the whooping cough vaccine have been allowed to become ineffective. Why update when you don't have to? Children are going to be forced to take this junk just so they can go to school. The whooping cough vaccine was never very effective (I caught whooping cough 3 months after getting the vaccine back in the late 19501's) and today's version is just a vehicle to introduce whatever other poisons they decide to add to their product. The mumps vaccine is another one that seems to have no effect anymore (all of the recently infected Harvard students had been vaccinated for mumps). Unfortunately, the government has set up a system where there is no incentive at all for vaccine manufacturers to produce effective products anymore. And the government also allows manufacturers to include all sorts of poisons like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde as vaccine ingredients. We, as a society need to demand that vaccines are both safe and effective, but any time you criticize these companies, you take the chance of being crucified. We need effective vaccines that are not filled with poisons and we, the public, need to demand this and stop giving these companies a free pass. Also, keep in mind that these are the same companies whose other products kill over 100,000 Americans annually, even though the product was used as directed. Big pharma is big pharma, regardless of the product.

Please don't take the Gardasil vaccine no matter how much any doctor tries to scare you. Do not allow your children to be inoculated with this poison.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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I'm in full agreement with what Andy said.
The vaccine industry is a billion dollar industry and there are many side effects, some side effects are extremely dangerous.


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