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Hello! Greetings from Malaysia. We don't really have such strong communities catering to adult patients/families. Reckon it'd be great if I could find one here.
I am Anis, 26yo female - diagnosed with HBe Beta Thal Major.
Am currently on Desferroxamine (2g for 4x per week).
Care to share any other supplements I could take? More so to help reducing my ferritin level (reads at 1299 on Aug) and increasing antibody (present on Penicillin, Vit C, D3, Calcium, Folate).


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Re: Greetings!
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Look over the post at,5190.0.html
I would say that the following could be added, B-12, zinc and magnesium.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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