Hemoglobin Question

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Hemoglobin Question
« on: September 07, 2016, 07:18:40 PM »
Hi All,

I've been a carrier since chiildhood, father and brother too. I've also got celiac disease.
I've never actually had a consultation with a haemotologist since the initital diagnosis 25+yrs ago. However I recently went for my yearly celiac consultation and my Hemoglobin level slightly suprised me.  I live in Europe so I don't know if the measuring units differ..
Over the years my Hemoglobin level has been around the 13.7 g/dl - quite steady in fact. This time it was 12.73. The rest my Hgb results are:
MCHC 33.19, MCH 1266 (amol) MCV 61.3 (fl) These are all more or less congruent with the last  few years.
vitamin B12 was 237 (pmlol/l  - range 160-700) and folic acid 6.3 (nmol/l range 8.8-40) This was down on last years value which was 12.4.
I thought the drop could be attributed to my low folic acid, but my Celiac consultant who is btw a gastro specialist said its unlikely to be related since if you have a vitamin deficient anaemia your volume (?) increases? He wasn't worried but asked me to get it checked in 2 months again.
He's a great guy but I'm not alltogether sure on his remark that its not linked to low folic acid levels.. I'm just a bit concerned that this drop has happened and would like to hear your opinions.
healthwise I've been more tired the last 6 months or so particularly in the afternoons.


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Re: Hemoglobin Question
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2016, 08:17:14 PM »
Thal minors do better with higher levels of B-12 and folate. I would recommend working on both. The high end of normal for B-12 is a worthwhile goal. I have also heard from patients take high doses of folate, 5 or more mg daily, and they are doing quite well and typically report a higher Hb level once they take the high dose of folate (not folic acid).

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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