Plane travel with shortness of breath + bubble of pressure in my solar plexus

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Hello, I recently discovered that my thalassemia is worse than I thought (41 yrs female). I haven't been tracking my numbers, but after having chest pains and shortness of breath I went to the hospital and found out my hemoglobin was 7.7 (49). They kept me overnight and my number climbed to 7.9. but now I'm having shortness f breath again and a bubble of pressure in my solar plexus. (I started taking folic acid 5 days ago).
I'm not under a doctor's care yet... and I have to travel this Sunday. I'm worried that it might not be safe to travel by plane right now.
Any input most appreciated. I'm sitting here freaked out about organ failure after reading up on Thal.
Thank you!


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  • Will thal rule you or will you rule thal?
Do you have any previous Hb readings? Below 8 is quite low and would mean you have thal intermedia if that is your normal range. I would recommend 5 mg folate daily and that you also refer to our post at,5190.0.html

Is it a long flight?

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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