Hey! Sort of new here, how is everyone?

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Hey! Sort of new here, how is everyone?
« on: April 23, 2019, 07:46:22 AM »
Hi, I think i found this site about a year ago and it has been great to learn from so many others, thank you!

I myself am from Sweden with an asian background.

I discovered that I have thalassemia almost two years ago, summer of 2017. I am beta thal minor.
I remember getting blood tests done and fainting right after, I was told to rest before I left since my face was so pale and white. After about 5-10min I left to walk home, but had to walk slowly and when passing a bench, sat down for a break.

Then my wonderful partner and I moved to another city for studies the fall of 2017. Went to see a new doctor and I got more blood tests done.

And that school year was awful! I was tired all the time, just walking at a fast pace to lectures had me feeling as if i needed to sleep, I would sit there for the first 10-20 minutes nodding off.

And physical activity seemed harder, my endurance felt much worse. It just felt as if I didnt get enough oxygen throughout my body.

So my theory is that having thalassemia and getting blood tests done close to each other is what might have affected me. I havent gotten any tests done since then because i have been too afraid to get worse.

I do feel much better now, I have been supplementing for almost a year now after the recommendations from this site, thank you all, thanks Andy! I excercise, and eating healthy is not a just choice for me, having celiaci forced me a while ago into having to cook all my food from scratch and together with my partner cooking has become more of a passion. I do eat more red meat than I would want to though, but with sensitive intestines I cannot eat legumes and alot of other vegetarian sources of protein.

Well now, I did not plan on writing this much.. any other details about my life anyone thinks i missed? I could probably write a couple more lines..!

Is there anything to my theory?
Does anyone else feel it has taken them a long time to recover after losing blood?

Wish you all a great day!


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