Thal minor and infertility

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Thal minor and infertility
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Is there any research or can anyone relate to being thal minor with unexplained infertility. We have been trying for a while and it has not happened yet, had all the test and all looks normal. I have asked about my thal minor but all I get back is a no, it does not effect getting pregnant. My thought is if I have a low blood volume, might it effect blood flow to the uterus, I know that is important for getting pregnant. I am taking all the relevant vitamins and minerals without iron. thanks very much.

Re: Thal minor and infertility
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Also what are your thoughts on baby aspirin? thanks


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Re: Thal minor and infertility
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Try taking 400 IU natural vitamin E daily. It will help the blood flow through the uterus. Natural E will say d-alpha tocopherol on the label. Do not use synthetic E, as it is an industrial by product. Synthetic E will say dl-alpha tocopherol. Note the l.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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