Comparison between the three iron chelators ( by Prof. Cappillini, Cairo 2007)

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I find this presentation very helpful and informative, hope you like it



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Thanks for the presentation.

It is interesting but without the commentary it's a bit technical to understand.

Nice sharing! Hope to see more contribution.
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Hi Manal,

I'm glad it finally loaded. It is a very informative presentation. Slide #8 is very important in understanding why accumualation of iron is harmful and why blocking the formation of Hydroxyl radicals is so important. Hydroxyl radicals lead directly to cell death and the use of anti oxidants to help prevent this from happening is very important in thalassemics.

It is great to see the continuing reports on exjade and especially the report on dosage. The findings that 20 mg per kg body weight daily is a maintenance dose that will keep ferritin levels stable, but 30 mg per kg body weight daily will lower serum ferritin are very significant. Exjade is being proven to be an effective iron chelator and a true alternative to the needle.

I look forward to further research and hopefully research into combination therapy using exjade along with the other chelators.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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