Thal minor in Toronto

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Thal minor in Toronto
« on: February 25, 2007, 09:32:43 PM »
Hi All, :hugfriend
Thank you for your comments and experiences. Anxiety levels have been running a little high since I decided to get pregnant in the coming year. I am Deidre and have beta thalassemia minor (used to be termed trait), which was diagnosed when I was in my early twenties. Initially, I  thought trait meant that I was just a carrier for the gene. But on further readings of medical texts (I am now back in school upgrading) with the latest terminology, I am learning that naming has a lot to do with understanding of disorders and I actually have it! One of the symptoms I've noticed lately is feeling quite tired after work or a day of doing nothing.
Surfing the site has answered alot of questions, but there are still some areas with little answers, however, will get to those questions later.
Take care and happy posting.
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Re: Thal minor in Toronto
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2007, 11:14:49 PM »

Please contact a high risk obstetrician to discuss the possible risks of pregnancy with thalassemia.  I am also thal minor, and had many complications in my second pregnancy due to it.  I had a severe hemolytic episode in October which swelled my spleen to 19 cm, and I then had my son my cesarean due to the possibility of rupture, and then had a splenectomy 2 weeks ago.  He also had a case of IUGR due to my body not being able to "feed" us both during this episode. Please, don't let anyone tell you that its nothing to worry about.  There very well might be nothing to worry about, but just in case, please keep your blood iron, serum ferritin, Hb and hematocrit levels monitored well during your pregnancy.  BIG HUGS!  :hugfriend



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Re: Thal minor in Toronto
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2007, 08:10:14 AM »
Hi Deidre!  Welcome to the group!   :hithere

As Courtenay had said, just make sure you have a really good high risk Obstetrician, who knows about Thalassemia.  While most people with Thalassemia Minor do well with pregnancies for the most part, there are many that have complications.  As long as your doctor knows the risks, monitors you for these risks, and treats you if complications arise, you will be fine.  :)

There are many Minors here who have children, so if you need to ask any questions, I'm sure they will be glad to help.   :biggrin


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Re: Thal minor in Toronto
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2007, 12:09:21 PM »
hi deidre,
i am thal minor and have always experienced tiredness, but i guess i never attributed it to thal minor- i thought we all feel tired - too much to do so little time.

anyway, i have two beautiful boys, one is 4 and the other is 2.  i told my obstretrician about my thal minor which he said showed up in my blood tests as my Hb levels were low.  all he told me to do was take iron supplements - he never monitored my hb levels throughout the pregnancy and i never pushed for him to do so, considering i was paying him so much money you think i should have.

i was extremely tired with my first pregnancy.  i would finish work at 3pm (i am a teacher) and couldn't wait to get in the car, drive home and go to  sleep.  i'd get through my door at home and straight to bed.  from 4pm to the next morning.  i thought this was normal - what being pregnant was about.  after reading all the posts i guess that it could have been more.

anyway my husband was not thal minor so we thought we had no problems but our first born has other complications - my thal minor with an abnormal hamoglobin of my husbands (sickle cell trait) created a sickle cell child.  my second son, Zac has the thal minor trait.  he is the most energetic, liveliest and somewhat naughty little one but my god i  love him.

anyway good luck with it all


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