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Hello I am a new memebr and mY wife is Thal - Trait or thalesemia minor , i wanted to know is it possible that my 2 yr old daughter can also be thalesemia minor and what are the symptoms ..

And i am not thal minor or major then is there any possibility of my daughter being a thalesemia major...
Pls reply


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Re: Question
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Hello, and welcome to the forum.   :biggrin

If your wife has Thalassemia trait, then there is a chance that your daughter has it also.  If you do not have the Thalassemia trait, which you say that you do not, then there is absolutely no chance of your daughter having Thalassemia Major.

If your daughter has Thalassemia Minor, then she may or may not have symptoms.  It ranges from person to person.  Some people with Minor have little to no symptoms at all, and some have more serious symptoms.  Either way, it is generally not as severe as Thalassemia Major.


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Re: Question
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Hello MiheerShah,

Welcome to the site :welcome

You don't have to worry about having any children with Thal. Major since you are not a trait yourself and a Thal. Major can only happen if the Thal gene is present in both of the parents.

As for your daughter, you don't have to worry much if her health is normal. However if you see that she is feeling too much low and is falling sick too often, then there is no harm in getting her blood counts and Serum Ferritin checked to see if everything is o.k. since Thal. minor can have both high and low Iron levels that may effect the blood counts.

Take care, Peace!
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Re: Question
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Hello Miheer,

Welcome to the site.

Do you know if your wife is a Alpha Thal(Minor) or a Beta Thal(Minor)?

You should be fine as far as you are NOT a Thal(Minor). What type of testing has been done to rule out Thal(Minor) in you? I have heard from a few that initially they were not diagonised with Thal(Minor) but later on they did carry a gene which was difficult to diagonise



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