A star in the sky

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A star in the sky
« on: February 14, 2006, 05:58:19 PM »
I believe everybody has read my story and knows a lot about me but I would like to mention how I "met" Lisa. We never actually spoke directly only through posts & emails. But here goes..

Around 1995 I visited a webpage put up by Barry Zeidman who till today I consider as my inspiration for doing all of this, he had put up links to all thalassaemia related websites like CAF, TIF etc. Since there were no patients website I was selfish enough to set one up right away, this page went on to garner 4.7 million hits in one year which everyone knows I am very proud of.

Barry Zeidman was also the moderator for a listserver at UC Berkerly. It was very popular and even Dr. Panos from Australia was a regular on it. Due to some reason the list was abandoned and for a few months there was nothing, a void. I was facing some career challenges hence I did not take interest in coming up with a solution.

However seeing the need for a place for thals to meetup a girl created a group in Yahoo and the rest is history...

I envy Lisa for what she has created and definetly wish I had done it myself but then her passing away has made this bigger than it was at MSN and even after she is gone she continues to contribute in so many different ways. I guess I would like to say that she is "light in the lives of thalassemics" like a star in the sky always guiding and never ending.

God bless & take care y'all


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