Please help, what might these results indicate?

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Please help, what might these results indicate?
« on: June 21, 2007, 05:43:48 AM »
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, Thursday, and I really would like to know what to say to them to take me seriously, no one ever thinks there is anything wrong with me, but I am very tired and have been having quite a lot of pain lately.

These are old test results, but the doctors called them normal, can any of you please help me explain that there might be some problems.

I need to leave around 9 am pacific time so a quick reply would be most appreciated, thanks.

GGTP 42 (high)
Iron 57 (normal)
Total Iron Binding Cap. 398 (high)
% Saturation 14 (low)
Hemoglobin 12.3 (normal)
Hematocrit 37 (normal)
Ferritin 9 (normal)
Globulins Alpha 1 4% (high)
Alpha 2 l (high)
Alpha 2 % 13.9 (high)

Linda Marie


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Re: Please help, what might these results indicate?
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2007, 02:27:31 PM »
Hi Linda Marie,

Your hematocrit and Hb were both normal in this test, but some of the other readings were high. The high percentage of HbA2 could possibly indicate thal minor, but without further tests not much can be assumed by these results.

Since these tests are old and your condition has worsened, I would suggest trying to get them to do a new CBC and also iron studies, for comparison to these old results. If there has been any significant downward change in your Hb and hematocrit, it would follow the pattern we have been seeing with minors as they age.

The aging of thal minors has not been studied and from what we've been hearing from our members, this deterioration in health becomes very pronounced in many minors over the age of 50. I think you need to stress this to the doctor, and let him know this is becoming seen more often in aging minors, and that you shouldn't just be written off with the standard old theme of minors not having symptoms. Contrary to what is most often published, we are seeing many minors developing quality of life issues as they age and the one common trait is that they are all thal minors.

Please ask your doctor to keep an open mind and even refer him/her to this site to read more about the condition many older minors are experiencing.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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