Anyone heard from Danielle?

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Re: Anyone heard from Danielle?
« Reply #15 on: August 12, 2007, 11:28:25 PM »
Hi Danielle.
I hope today ,you feel, much better than yesterday and you are on the mend.
We are all praying for you with such positive energy you can't expect any else but wellness.
this is from every one of us :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :flowers :heartpink :heartpink :heartpink :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck :goodluck
Much Love, Kathy


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