Reversal of liver cirrhosis and fibrosis experiment

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Reversal of liver cirrhosis and fibrosis experiment
« on: January 03, 2008, 04:52:49 PM »

I just saw this news on captivate network screen in the elevartor of my office building. I have googled the source and link is below.

This is very exciting, I just posted the results of the study but you can visit the site (link below) to get more details.

What were the results of the study?
The researchers found that less severe liver fibrosis developed in mutant mice where the chemical pathway was not working than in the normal mice. This was evident because less damage was seen on microscopic assessment of the liver; there were lower levels of collagen (a component of scar tissue) and other chemical indicators of fibrotic disease; and reduced inflammation.

The researchers also found that interrupting the RSK chemical pathway in normal mice reversed some of the liver damage and prevented further damage on exposure to the liver damaging chemical.

By looking at human and mouse liver cells in the laboratory, the researchers were able to confirm that in cells in which the RSK pathway was interrupted there was a greater activation of the pathway that led to the killing off the cells that produce scar tissue.

Finally, they found that the RSK chemical pathway was more active in the livers of the people with severe liver disease than in those without.




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Re: Reversal of liver cirrhosis and fibrosis experiment
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Hi C.F,

Thanks for the article. :thumbsup

Let's hope they can make a drug that really works in humans
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