Thalassemia center in Dhaka Shishu(Children) Hospital

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Thalassemia center in Dhaka Shishu(Children) Hospital
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      Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital is the largest children hospital in Bangladesh.

      This hospital has also now establshed a separate center named as center for care and treatment

      of thalassemic children. This center has 17 beds for giving transfusion to

      thalassemic children. It provides free treatment to poor thalassemic children

      providing them with free blood and desferal on  requirment basis.

     Vaccination  against hepatitis B virus is also given to children. The center has its own

     blood bank ensuring safe blood and laboratory for diagnosing thalassemia and also other investigations

    relevant to this disease.

   Ther are two genetic counsellors for giving advise to carriers and parents of thalassemic children.

   This centers has also doing research work on thalassemia and has published many papers in local


   The future plan of the center is to establish a DNA lab for mutational analysis and pre natal diagnosis

   The center also held a national conference in colloboration with TIF and Thalassemic society of

   Bangladesh in 2005.

   The name of the center is "Dhaka Shishu Hospital Thalassemia Center"

    The following are members of the thalassemia center.

    President-   Prof.Waqar A Khan. M.BBS,M.Phil
    Secretary   Prof Syed Khairul Amin. MBBS, FRCP
    Treasurer  DR.Md Salimuzzaman.MBBS.M.D (Paediatrics)

    Members     Prof .Bilquis Banu. MBBS. M.Phil
                     Dr.Belayet Hossain.M.BBS. FCPS (haematology)

   Prof.Waqae Ahmed Khan
   Dhaka Shishu Hospital Thalassemia Center

  E.Mail. wkhan@bol-online.

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