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just a little information about me.

I am 27 i live in Sheffield, England.

My first pregnancy wasn't straight forward and damaged my right tube my second was ectopic right tube removed my third straight forward misscarriage January 08 (when i found out i had thal trait) and i have just had my fourth misscarriage four weeks ago all failed at five weeks.

The nurse hasn't told me much about the thal trait just that the doctor was probably trying to scare me and it was nothing to worry about!!!

I always felt that there was something wrong as soon as i get pregnant and on her everyone seems to have the same symptoms as i do.  I tried asking the doctor if the thal trait had anything to do with why i was misscarrying and he said he has nothing to do with it, it's only a trait.

Would appreciate any help anyone can give as i am going to the recurrent misscarriage clinic for tests to see why i am not carrying a baby to full term.

This site is really helpful and has helped me understand thal a lot better.



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:welcome to the site!

I'm sorry to hear what you have gone through. Your problem is probably not related to Thal.

Do keep your bloods levels in check all the time and make sure your Hb and Serum Ferritin are in normal range.

Feel free to ask more questions that you have in mind.
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Thanks a lot that makes me feel better.

I am sure i will know more when i more tests done.

Thanks a lot for your advice



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Hi Hunnybunni,

I believe miscarriage is actually very common among thal minors. The reason I believe this is because many thal minor women have told me about having multiple miscarriages. This may not be reflected in statistics but far too many minors have mentioned this for me to believe it is a coincidence. The most likely problem is a clotting issue between the placenta and uterus. If you get pregant again, please ask the doctor to check for any sign of thrombosis, as it is something that can be treated with blood thinners (sometimes aspirin is all that is needed). Please also read the threads at

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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