Good articles on Thalassemia that I found and wanted to share. Feedback?

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Hi Dan,
    I just read most of the sites you have researched - very interesting. Although I had difficulty following the red cell article, the auther was really funny. Lots of info. I am curious to know if anyone has actually had yersinia enterocolitica? Dr. Vichinsky's study on bone disease was very good. The study from Canada on using newer diagnostic tools for bone disease sounds interesting - I wish someone would study what the heck is going on in my bones! Right now my knee, ankles and hip feel like there's a fire in them.  :gaah   I know this is something, but I can't get it diagnosed. Anyone want to go to Canada?
     Thanks for all your research; I love reading about Thalassemia.   :smile 

Dust mite susceptibility in asthmatics may correspond to the Erythrocyte Morphology thread: acarology 'the study of ticks and mites.'

Tracing the geography of thalassemia, there seems to be a 'founder effect' endemic region in Iran. One would note these connections to camel grass (Cymbopogon schoenanthus). Its biochemistry is inadequately documented, yet flavonoid chemistry obviously applies here to thalassemia. In addition, note Shanidar Cave, which may coincide to the founder effect area.

Pubmed keyword search, type in abstract number:

Cymbopogon schoenanthus  11942754

Relating to the osteo article....

Lumbar Osteocalcin / Shanidar  15753298

Osteocalcin / Thalassemia  16462577



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