Liver Detoxification

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Liver Detoxification
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We are trying this new product (Liver Detox) from RenewLife, Canada. The product claims to detoxify the liver from toxins and improves liver functions (link: As an aid we are using the fibreSMART a daily fibre supplement that works to absorb toxins processed by the liver that are contained in bile. I was thinking may be this product is beneficial for thalassemia major patients, the iron store in the liver and other toxins/chemicals greatly effect the functioning of liver and this may give a fresh chance at least as toxins are concerned. Has anyone tried this product before?

Following is the excerpts from the site.

What is Sluggish Liver (Poor Liver Function)?
‘Sluggish Liver’ is a non-technical medical term that is used to describe a liver that is not functioning optimally. Generally, this term is used when the liver is free of disease, but performing at a reduced rate.
Optimal liver function is vital in order to deal with the abundance of toxins that are filtered through the liver. If the liver is not in good health, these toxins can cause the liver to become ‘sluggish’, resulting in congestion or poor functioning.
What causes Sluggish Liver (Poor Liver Function)?
The liver provides a wide range of functions within the body. One of its main functions is the detoxification of toxic and foreign substances from the body. When the liver becomes overwhelmed by toxins, chemicals, and other substances (such as alcohol and medications), it becomes overworked and ‘sluggish’. This leads to poor detoxification, which is the underlying cause of many serious health conditions.
What are the signs and symptoms of Sluggish Liver (Poor Liver Function)?
Even if the liver is overworked, it is very slow to complain. Often, people with liver problems will be completely unaware because they may have few, if any, symptoms.
The liver is an incredible organ in that it will continue working even when two thirds of it has been damaged by scarring (cirrhosis). There are however, some symptoms if you pay enough attention to your body. These include:
•   Sensitivity to caffeine or medication
•   Headaches
•   Skin problems (acne, rashes, psoriasis)
•   Difficulty with fatty foods (they cause nausea, headaches, or heartburn)
•   Excess body odour
•   Food allergies or sensitivities
•   Jaundice
One of the best ways to know if your liver is ‘sluggish’ involves the body’s reaction to caffeine or other stimulants. If you are very sensitive to caffeine and it affects your sleep in a negative way (you ‘toss and turn’ all night), chances are the liver is not performing its detoxification tasks optimally and is ‘sluggish’.
If the liver is functioning optimally, a small amount of caffeine before bed should not impact a person’s sleep that much. 
The same can be said for medications. If you consider yourself ‘sensitive’ to medications (the effects of the medication last for longer than normal or have more intense side effects), then chances are you have a ‘sluggish’ liver.
How common is Sluggish Liver (Poor Liver Function)?
As many people are unaware that they even have poor liver function, there are no known statistics. However, when one considers the toxic load that our body is put through on a daily basis, it is safe to say that most people will suffer from 'sluggish liver' (poor liver function) at some time in their lives.
What health problems are caused by Sluggish Liver (Poor Liver Function)?
‘Sluggish liver’ can lead to many health problems such as
•   Toxicity
•   High cholesterol
•   Poor digestion of foods
•   Fatigue
•   Blood sugar problems
•   Hormone imbalance
•   Headaches / migraines
•   Allergies and food sensitivities
•   Poor skin
Cirrhosis is a condition that results from permanent damage or scarring of the liver. It is the end stage of many different forms of liver disease and is known to cause a number of other health problems, including variceal bleeding, ascites and hepatic encephalopathy.



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Re: Liver Detoxification
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This product would be good in general as a liver detox but may be of added interest to those dealing with hepatitis C.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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Re: Liver Detoxification
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Thanks for the info  :thumbup



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Re: Liver Detoxification
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Good Sharing C.F :thumbsup
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