Rabicabir/ Original Baraka.... an Effective Antiviral Drug in Hepatitis C Virus

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This drug is the Nigella sativa (black seed) seeds but they are exposed to 13 steps of fermentation under certain conditions, these steps result in increasing their effiency without changing any of their chemical characteristics. Many clinical trails are done in different universities in Egypt ( as virus C is one of the main diseases here, about 15 million people infected by virus C ) and it shows very good results proven by tests and ultasound


A while ago there were many debates in our local newspapers about Rabicabir drug as it is produced by french labs and there are other Egyptian/French claims about the its name whether rabicabir or original baraka and i think they enede up using thr first name

Docotrs are divided between finding it a curative drug for virus C proven by tests and many clinical studies and other claim that it is no more than a good dietry supplement, Opposition papers claim that big drug companies are behind the campaingn of removing it from the market in order to defend the interferone drug that they produce

So any body heard of the the Rabicabir/ Original Baraka???????????



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We have had previous threads about Nigella and its value to patients with hepatitis C and diabetes.
See http://www.thalassemiapatientsandfriends.com/index.php?topic=1147.msg8934#msg8934

I have not heard of this fermented form before and it seems that there is very little information online about it. There is an ongoing concern about pharmaceutical companies who buy and suppress herbal cures, or create their own very costly derivative of herbs, while also trying to prevent consumers from having access to these herbs by lobbying for laws regulating herbs.

Drug companies make billions from anti-viral medicines like interferon. They really do not want competition from cheap natural cures. Instead, patients are subjected to costly, harsh drugs that may or may not help. Herbs like milk thistle and nigella should be further researched to see how well they do work. Patient reports have good things to say about both.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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