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Hello, new to this site.  I have BTM and of course I'm not SUPPOSED to have any symptoms.  I've had pretty much the same symptoms as others here.  Fatigue, short of breath with minimal exertion, etc.  I would be interested in any information on hypercoagulability in BTM.  I had my first blood clot at the age of 18 months.  As an adult, I've had numerous clots in my legs and a few years ago had so many pulmonary emboli they couldn't count them!!!  The doctors thought I had Lupus at that time and attributed the clotting to that, but since have decided I don't have Lupus :huh.  They did do some bloodwork, which led to the DX of BTM.  I think the clotting was from BTM???????  Any thoughts?


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Hi Ladybug,

Clotting issues are well established in thal major and intermedia but given no relevance in thal minor. However, it does seem that many thal minors do experience clotting issues, most commonly during pregnancy, but your experience seems extreme. Have blood tests showed anything unusual beyond thal minor, such as high platelets or a high rate of hemolysis? Do you have the results of any blood work that has been done?

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I'll have to dig out my test results.  I think they were similar to other results I've seen here for BTM.  I do have some circulatory problems in my legs and prior clotting has been blamed on blood pooling in my ankles.  I've had numerous vein strippings, etc., but it's been assumed to be a physiological problem rather than a blood problem. After I found out I had BTM, the research I did led me to believe the clotting problems may be worse because of the bad veins, but I think the more likely culprit to be all the "extra" RBC pieces floating around.  One doctor told me I had "sticky" platelets  :huh  You know, if you gum up the oil in an engine, the engine doesn't work well.  Seems like simple mechanics to me.  And if the hoses circulating the oil are damaged, it just compounds what either problem alone would probably cause.  Actually, my venous problems could be similar to what a pregnant woman has, ie restricted blood flow and engorged vessels.  But then, I'm not a doctor am I?  I am on Coumadin and will be for life.  Is that enough to protect me?  I know some people still clot while on Coumadin even though they tell me it can't happen.  I believe that about as much as I believe that BTM has no symptoms  :biggrin


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