Article i found on Thal Minor research/glucose intolerance/low HDL levels

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Was researching L carnitine and L arginine and saw blood sugar stuff crop up so looked up if there was connection to blood sugar and thal ( im probably late to the info party on this one but oh well :P) And came accross this. Now of course this isnt completely conclusive, but still it makes for interesting reading when i have a maternal genetic history to high cholesterol ( ie maternal grandparents + mum - and she got it when she was 27 and the docs dont know why) and maternal grandfather + his dad and his brother and uncle are/were type 2 diabetic and mum has glucose intolerance. Drs havent genetically tested mum, dad or my bro, just the usual FBC to see if they had the same  profile as me as far as blood film/ MCH/MCV/MCHC was concerned.

EIther way, in case people hadnt seen this, i thought i would show you guys.... food for thought?


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