Making life easy-understanding why we chose to be born with it

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The understanding of the below went to make life much better and much comfortable. I stopped feeling guilty, became free from self pity. In stead, I feel happy because I am also giving others an opportunity to grow with me.

Why  the souls in people suffering with autism, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, choose to take on a body with a chronic, painful and even debilitating sickness? Why did some souls chose to be thalassemics or why did some souls decide to have children with sickness like those mentioned above. Why are many many souls still doing it or will continue to do so?

Many take these situations as karmic punishments? These are not karmic punishments but simply a means for learning and growth.
These souls elected to incarnate, or will continue to elect to incarnate (assume human forms) in an impaired/sick states in order to learn what that experience feels like..This decision is so taken, so as to give other people the opportunity to express love. They may have had many lifetimes in which they were the care-givers, now they are to learn what it is to receive love. People with sickness, are required to be nurtured and taken care of, and this provides other people to manifest caring, charity, love and compassion.
To be born, with what appears as suffering, is actually a generous loving desire to help other souls progress along their spiritual path.

Let us remember, we are all immortal and we are all connected. And we have to experience every state of existence- to learn from all sides to grown and evolve. And this lifetime, we chose to experience  a life of/ or with a thal.

Thank you Dr. Brian Weiss and Neale Donald Walsch, for making me understand the soul in me and others. AND THAT WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

Keep calm and face.

Re: Making life easy-understanding why we chose to be born with it
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Rashmi, Great to read this, this is what I believe although it is not always easy to stay connected to this thoughts. I am a beta thal. minor and very feel very blessed just to live the gift of life. When I read the story's of the major cases I can feel my heart aching but life is about compassion and not about the ego. Yes we are all conneted and all one soul and I hope we can give each other hope and courage when times are difficult and  on the days we feel sick and alone.


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Re: Making life easy-understanding why we chose to be born with it
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Wonderful writing Rashmi. I agree with every bit.

Every child is special.


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Re: Making life easy-understanding why we chose to be born with it
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2013, 06:04:26 AM »
Good post!

Thalassemia is not a disease which we got because of bad conduct, it is a born disorder, manufacturing defect.
I strongly believe in God. And I thank god for gifting me with thalassemia instead of my friends. Remember only good mangoes are hit by stones. Likewise God knew who can live life with thalassemia. He knews I can handle it, so he has chosen me.

Due to Thalassemia,
         I can understand suffering, pain of others.
         I can understand my family's love and affection have on me.
         My parents are showing more love and care on me than my brother.
I never give up!


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