Hello there new friends

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Hello there new friends
« on: September 30, 2014, 01:46:09 AM »
Hi everyone,

I found out a little too late that I was a thal minor. Despite doctors saying I shouldn't have symptoms. I still think I got symptoms and I know my body the most of all people.
For many years I thought that I was maybe a bit too lazy and should try harder at things physically (you could already guess the results) only having more fatigue. I have to embrace now that I am a A-thal minor with two deletions and I don't need to keep up with 'normal' people so to speak.
I'm hoping you, my new thal buddies will help me on my journey of living with thal and ofcourse I have the same hope of hopefully helping others with ideas or tips that could be useful.

Lots of hugs and kisses  :hugfriend

Nobody is allergic to happiness and laughter. We just got to make sure everyone is able to enjoy it once in a while.


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