Exercise, Thalassemia and weight loss

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Exercise, Thalassemia and weight loss
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I am currently 48 years old. Been an active cricket player since early years and also at college level.

Hi Friends,

At an early age, my diagnosis was anemia which led to treatment with iron supplements.  Always had endurance issues and cricket was the sport that worked out due to the stop start nature. Even as a fast bowler, I was able to cope except on certain days when I used to throw up after over exertion

I was diagnosed with beta thalessemia minor at age 32 which led to an understanding of endurance issues. Even when I weighed 145 pounds in the twenties (height 5' 11"), i could jog  3- 4 minutes resulting in panting and being out of breath.  At that time, I felt being anemic was the cause.

At age 48, I weigh 200 pounds and am seriously looking at reducing 20-25 pounds.  Went jogging today and was able to do a minute  before shortness of breath caught up.  Did 3 jogs of a minute each with walks in between for a mile.

Would appreciate some tips for exercising to reduce weight and especially tips on prolonging running time


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Re: Exercise, Thalassemia and weight loss
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Welcome to thalpal!  :smileblue

I can only speak from my own experience, but running only worked for me with a pretty low body weight. If you want to run as a hobby, I'd try to not be too heavy. Best for me was around 161 lbs at 6'0" and that was also my lowest weight ever. If your goal is weight loss, though, then running is also not the best cardio exercise, because it is usually heavier on the joints than some other exercises.

What I would recommend:
  • Improve your nutrition. Read the topic about the list of supplements that might help with Thal minor.
  • Estimate how many calories you need to decrease your weight. Use one of the online calculators (e.g. this one) to calculate your daily caloric intake and then substract a few hundred calories from that. (The linked calculator already does that, but keep in mind that those only provide you with a very rough estimate and a Thal might need slightly more calories than the average person – especially if you do sports during your diet.)
  • Weigh yourself daily and – if possible – always at the same time. I think it's best to do that in the morning as your stomach is rather empty and the values therefore don't fluctuate as much. Keep in mind that you gain and lose water and not only fat – especially during the first weeks. Calculate your average weight over 7 or 14 days to see a tendency. Adjust your caloric intake if necessary, but never let your weight on the scale discourage you from continuing your diet.
  • Get your blood values checked once in a while. I'd definitely include testosterone at your age and maybe also thyroid values.
  • Use cardio exercises that are easier on your joints until you reach a lower body weight. I found an ergometer to be very good for this. You can also use a bike, but choose a track that is mostly even then.

Re: Exercise, Thalassemia and weight loss
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Thanks sofear

I just bought the Nature's Way no added iron supplement based on Andy's post

I do eat healthy and will escalate my focus on this.  I have lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks of light morning cardio and evening walks/runs. 

My blood tests are done 2 times a year and seem to be good except for the values for the RBCs. My hypothyrodism is under control due to the meds I have been taken

Hoping to get an additional burst of energy with the supplements


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