Nat Vitamin E and tocopherols: Risks and effectiveness of the different blends

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Hi there
Recently I've read about Vitamin E and that we can find 8 different forms  in nature:
4 tocopherols (D-Alfa,D-beta,D-gamma,D-delta) and 4 tocotrienols.
I was reading 3 article about effectivness of Vitamin E in its different form or blend.
Is really D-alfa tocopherol the most important form ?
Apparently not. The authors sayd that Gamma has an important role in cancer defeat and as antioxidant for NO.
The articles say also that if the amount of gamma is significantly low compared to alfa there are low effects, and the risks overcome the benefits.
So is really so danger D-alfa alone ?
And for thals ? Should we consider taking more gamma tocopherols? And are our actual natural vitamin E giving us real benefit?
I'm taking e-400 with mixed tocopherols of nowfoods, but I don't know the dose of the single tocopherols.
Many other company don't report this data. Sometime some company report only the total amount of mixed topherols.

I dont't know reliability of the articles (the last is a bit old)
here are the links:
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There is a lot of debate about vitamin E. I think a complex is the best way to go, as that is how it is found in nature. Some people claim that only alpha is needed. As far as dangers from vitamin E, the real danger is the synthetic form, which should be avoided if possible. You may get some cooperation from vitamin manufacturers if you email them and ask about the specific composition of their E complex.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.

I didn't know all those details about the vitamin E. I didn't think there was this much to it, to be honest. Cheers for the info, BitterBlood79.

Here some (incomplete) updates

I asked nowfoods and their answer was: "The mixed tocopherol content is a minor component of the E-400 and we do not test for these.
Consider this more comprehensive formula to meet your needs:"

(Unfortunately I bought 250 softgels of e-400...)

Until now, nobody knows the correct ratio between Alfa/Gamma. Somebody says 4:1, others 1:1.
I suppose a good ratio is the same found in a heathy diet. But what is this ratio ?
Some company add tocotrienols in the complex, and others not.

Until now, I found these products

Nowfoods: Gamma E complex - for 2 Softgel : 450IU of alpha + 200mg Gamma + 10mg Tocotrienols
Seekeng Health: Optimal Vitamin E - 400ui of alfa and 280mg of mixed tocoferols but unknown exact amount of Gamma
Source naturals : Gamma E complex - 190IU Alpha, 400mg Gamma, 30mg sesame oil, 5mg Tocotrienol complex(EvNol tm)
Jarrow Formulas : Falmil-E - 60IU of Alpha, 250mg Gamma and 38mg of mixed tocotrieenols
Jarrow Formulas : Gamma-E - 50IU Alpha, 300mg gamma (total mixed tocoferol 500mg)
Jarrow Formulas: Toco-Sorb - 19IU Alpha, 375mg of Palm Tocotrienol-tocoferil "Evnol suprabio" , 57mg of total tocotrrienols
Pure encapsulation: Ultra-Synergist E - 1000mg of Vitamin e with 336mg (500IU) of alpha and 400mg of gamma
Pure encapsulation: Vitamin E - 400ie of alpha and 68mg of mixed tocoferols
Puritans Pride: Vitamin E-400 mixed tocopherol - 268mg of alpha and 1mg of mixed tocopherols
Thorne: Ultimate E - 335mg of alpha, 400~450mg of gamma, 9~11mg of beta and 140~190mg of delta
Life Extension: Natural vitamin E - only 400iu of alpha from sunflower oil
Life Extension: Gamma E mixed Tocopherol - 45IU of alpha, 178~244mg of Gamma , 65~98 mg of Delta, 27~39 of alpha, <16mg of beta and 20mg of sesame seed lignan extract
Kal: Gamma E Plus - 400IU of alpha, 200 mcg of selenium, 520mg of mixed tocoferols (>300mg gamma) and 5 mg of mixed tocotrienols
Metagenics: E Complex-1:1 - for 2 softgel 400iu of alpha, 270mg of gamma, 98 delta and 6 of beta
A.C. Grace: UNIQUE E® Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate - 400 iu of gamma and 432mg of mixed tocppherols
Douglas Labs: Nutri-E 400 ™ Forte - 400IU (probabily only alpha), 280mg of gamma and 40mg of beta+delta

These are only a part of the products, there are many other good company with many other good blends

Next time I will Probabily buy both lifeextension blends (alternating daily assumption ?)

I still continue my research...
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I use a magnesium complex from Life Extension and it works really fast to calm down my restless legs at night. Their products are pretty good from what I've seen.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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