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My daughter has Alpha thelassemia minor. She has terrible eczema all over her body. She gets strong cortisone but it helps for a while, but the eczema always comes back and she aren’t allowed to use the cortisone ointment more than two weeks in a row.

I wonder if eczema might be connected with the thelassemia and if so, do anyone have any suggestions how to help her. She is 12 years old and hates remove her clothes after gym class and hates to go to the pool. She can’t sleep and scratches her skin bloody every night. I hate that I can’t help her. So if anyone knows anything that might help I would be so greatful!  :heartpink


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Re: Eczema
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I have not heard of a connection between thal minor and eczema, but I will mention an anecdotal remedy that I was told about recently, that also has a connection to a common treatment for thal minor. I was told by someone I know that folate helped their eczema greatly. Since L-methylfolate is commonly advised for thals to help with energy levels, it would not hurt to try and see if it helps the eczema.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.

Re: Eczema
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Thank you so much! I will try with folate  :biggrin


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