Introduction, new thal minor member

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Introduction, new thal minor member
« on: September 23, 2022, 03:05:21 PM »
Dear all,
I was aneamic since early childhood, I was a regular at the local haematology department, and I was treated with iron supplementation until the age of 20, when by chance I met a haematologist who diagnosed me as a beta thalassemia minor, a trait not at all common where I grew up. It runs in my family (mother, maternal grandmother, brother, daughter, niece all affected). My HgB is usually around 10, sometimes down to 9 in more difficult (stressful) times. Not sure if I have intermedia, I do definitely have symptoms of anemia.
On the upside: my affected grandma is soon turning 90, and she is super active and fit and strong - the only sign of the anemia she ever had was that she tended to sleep and nap more than usual.
I've been reading this forum with great interest since quite some time, and I am grateful for the advice and inputs I have read here. Looking forward to discussions here.
All the best to all of you!


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Re: Introduction, new thal minor member
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2022, 10:07:41 PM »
hi Anita,

Good to hear from you.
It is great to know that your grandma who is turning 90 seems to be doing well, even with thal minor. Have you confirmed that status by doing her blood work ? Certainly nap in the afternoon surely would help any thal minor. It helps me too, and we are around age 40.

The other thing is the overall nutrition. Thal minor need to take better care of their nutrition compared to non-thal population. Andy has a post about nutrition/supplements for thal minors.



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