Thalassemia Major & Abnormal Liver Function Test Readings...

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Thalassemia Major & Abnormal Liver Function Test Readings...
« on: March 20, 2023, 02:35:55 PM »
Hi Everyone,

Hopefully this post finds you all healthy. I am happy to be back after quite a while, writing this post on this incredible platform.

I am a 24-year-old thalassemia major patient from India weighing 65kgs, taking chelation therapy of desirox 2500mg per day every 2 consecutive days & kelfer 4000mg every 3rd day after 2 consecutive days of desirox. (Eg:- Mon&Tues – Desirox, Wed- Kelfer & so on). Please note that my liver has a severe iron overload, my pancreas has a moderate iron overload & no iron overload in heart.

My Recent Liver Function test (LFT) report showed bilirubin-total(B/T) of 5.0, bilirubin-indirect(B/ID) of 4.14 & bilirubin-direct(B/D) of 0.86 which is way much higher than the normal limits. I also noticed a steady rise in levels of B/T, B/ID and B/D compared to a year ago. Please note that my SGPT level is 42 and SGOT level is 45. Due to high B/T, I notice dark urine many times in a day and somewhat yellowish skin.

Is this increase in the above levels due to Desirox dosage? Can it be Gilbert Syndrome (which I haven’t tested yet)? Can it be controlled by any home remedies?  Is it harmful to the liver and body in the long run? One of my doctors said that increased B/T readings can lead to Jaundice more often!!

Request Andy for expert advice.

Report attached below.



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