14th June is Over (Next Appointment 28th June 2007)

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14th June is Over (Next Appointment 28th June 2007)
« on: June 14, 2007, 11:46:29 AM »
First of all i would like to thank everyone for taking some time in replying my "Hi everyone" :biggrin

As i highlighted before, today we went to the hospital for my son's apppointment. Upon seeing the doctor, the doctor went through all our record previously from another hospital and confirmed back to us that our son has HBe Beta  :huh (not that we know anything of)  :mad

Well, she check my sons liver etc. and was told that it is fine (not bloated or anything),,,also after seeing my son is active and not pale or anything she said that my son hb would be in the range of 10-11,,,,,

She then arrange for another appointment on 16 August (in 2 months time) and was told to give my son 1ml of folic asid daily....At the same time my son's blood was taken to check the HB level,,,,,after making all the arrangements for the next appointment,,and after taking the folic asid for (2 months take) she then told us that the result of the blood test showed that Aqeel Hb level was 7.1 :mad

7.1 is that ok? or should the doctor given us some other medecine besides folic asid,,,,she told us that if a thalassemia patient were to see her with HB level of 7 like my son lebel,,she would immediately make arrangement for blood transfusion.

My question is,,,what are we suppose to predict within these 2 weeks time? we are really worried that in a few days time or after 1 week or so things happen like fever or anything,,,Aqeel starts to etc etc etc?

What type of food should we be focusing?

For those who had experienced this and those who knows anything on this please let me know,,,,I'm worried like hell 

i appreciate for anything


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