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Does Zainab use Exjade?  I am considering consulting with the drs in Oakland about Exjade during our visit. 



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No Sharmin,

Zainab has not started exjade yet,although my husband wants to start it and even doc at the hospital asked us to,but i took Andy's advice,her ferritin level checked previous month was 1350,i want it to be lower then 1000 before even thinking about exjade,she is taking ferriprox thrice a day,seven days a week and desferal thrice a week.I'll keep going like this for a while.

Personally what i think that exjade being relatively new drug,i'd like to play it safe,sometimes kids can't explain properly what they feel,adults can understand their own position,

Best of luck.



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@zaini yes you are right my faratin is 3-4 thousendish goes up and down in this range. Last time i used exjade with 2 desfrol daily result was my iron before was 3000 something then it got to 4000 and all of a suden got down to an unbelivible 1800. My doc said it hapened with other petiants too the iron going up and then coming down
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