Thalassemia and Reproduction

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Thalassemia and Reproduction
« on: November 13, 2008, 11:45:21 PM »
I found this interesting article relating to thalassemia major - females (I am sure it applies to males as well) and reproduction.  There is much stress on oxidative stress, antioxidants and Nitric oxide.  All of this is pertinent to general well being in thalassemia as well.

Exogenous gonadotropin has a stimulatory effect on the follicular content of iron, which is a potent oxidant, catalyses generation of free radicals in Haber-Weiss reaction. Iron overload in thalassemia acts as a redox-active center and there is resultant increase in the production of free radicals [159]. Increase in free radicals was reported in follicular fluid of patients with thalassemia. The spectrum of initial hypogonadism and later gonadal failure in thalassemia, results from the injury mediated by free radicals.



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