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Hi. All how r u , i am ash786 my daughter is thal major  iv kept on posting wen ever am need of guidenss , but this time am here for my friends brother he got blood cancer he is 26 yrs and need a bone marrow transplant but as they cant afford tht much amount hosp people are not ready to give him the treatment , he cant walk now neither use the hands , i have done my self a little help but i knw thts not enough . Its a matter of someones life and that man is not geting ny help from the hospital they hav nt startd treamnt yer am amazed and shocked .if ny one can help financialy i will be realy thanxful. If they need ny kind of asurenes,will give all kind of informations contact number anything which can convence u guys that its a very serious case...
Thanx u ash  mother.
There is a light of hope that this site helped so many thals they will realy do something for him.


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Re: hello
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Hi ash,

Is he here in Pakistan?



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