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Hi Everyone,

I have known that I'm a carrier for thalessemia for a long time.  And, I've also known that I know more about it than my doctors for a long time, too!  But, I don't know much.  I was happy to find this board.  I'm confident I can learn a lot more.

I am 40 this year, and I have 2 little boys. We all have the trait. My sister and her two daughters also have the thal trait. 

Anyway, we are mostly asymptomatic, unless you count a marked lack of athleticism as a symptom.  

Thanks for maintaining this board, and I'm so sorry for your loss of Lisa.

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You are right to inform people that they may be carriers. It may not have a big impact on their health, but it is essential information to possess when choosing a partner for having kids. Knowing your own status and the fact that your partner should also be tested before having children can help to completely avoid the births of thal majors, so this information is essential for all carriers to know.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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